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Learn more about EZ Health Rates… Maneuvering through your health coverage options can be very confusing. First, there are so many changes going on in the world of health insurance that it’s hard to keep up with it all. Why is my doctor no longer in-network? Will this plan even exist next year? Are my rates going to drastically increase again?

Then, you go online with the intentions of getting a general idea on quotes and next thing you know you’re getting bombarded with phone calls, texts, and emails from all sorts of companies trying to sell you who-knows-what.

Finally, once you start looking at the plan details you realize you don’t know what any of it means! What’s the difference between a co-pay and coinsurance? An HMO and a PPO? What’s a short-term plan or a fixed-indemnity plan?

Our mission is to make this a very simple process. We are here to listen to what it is you are looking for, analyze what you qualify for, then educate you on your full range of options.

Our umbrella of knowledge is so diverse that if we cannot find what it is you are looking for – it simply does not exist.

Already have a health plan? Great! We are happy to compare what you currently have to whatever options may be available. If what you have is your best option, we will let you know.

In order to begin our research before we contact you, please fill out the survey below to the best of your ability – the more accurate, the more research we can do prior to contacting you at the designated time you select. Your information is safe and will never be sold to a 3rd party company. We look forward to escorting you through this process and helping you gain control of your health coverage.

  • “Not only did the rep have great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with him got me higher coverage and a lower rate than I thought possible.”
  • “I really like that it wasn’t about telling me what I should or had to do or when or how to do it, but more about providing all kinds of information to help me make the best decisions for me”
  • "I got my business covered in no time and was back to what I'm good at. I'm so glad I found EZ Health Rates because they really made it easy without a lot of complicated or time-consuming paperwork."
  • "My wife just announced that we're having a baby and I needed better coverage fast but I had a lot of questions. EZ Health Rates staff members were all so nice and they worked with me to make sure I have exactly what I needed."
  • "I was able to get a great policy and also keep my own doctor which was really important to me. I have already begun recommending you to my friends. Thank you!"

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